Study Reveals That Those Who Drive BMW & Land Rover Cars Have Low IQs



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Study Reveals That Those Who Drive BMW & Land Rover Cars Have Low IQs

By JustineG

When a fancy car, like a Volkswagen or even a Peugeot, stops next to you at a stop light, you frequently find yourself admiring it and occasionally wonder what they do for a living.

Some might be influential people who profit from top-tier companies in the sector and other things whereas some probably have high positions in corporate organisations.

But, when you witness road rage, you frequently doubt the drivers' intellect, especially when it comes to people who drive big, expensive vehicles.;0,0&resize=640:*

What if, however, we told you that a car's model could actually tell you something about the driver's intellectual ability?

In the UK, 2,000 drivers took an IQ exam in order to participate in a research that ranked them according to the cars they drove.

So, if you looked at the results, you would definitely be startled!

According to the research done by Scrap Car Comparison, Skoda drivers out of the 22 different car models scored the highest on the IQ test, with a score of 99.

Suzuki (98.09), Peugeot (97.79), Mini (97.41), and Mazda (95.91) managed to land in the top five categories with IQ scores of at least 95, making them some of the world's smartest drivers.

With an IQ score of 88.58, Land Rover drivers are at the bottom of the list, while BMW and Fiat are at 91.68 and 90.14, respectively.

The research also analyzed how a car's colour may indicate the intellect of the driver, with white obtaining the top rank out of seven colours with a score of 95.71 and green coming in last with a score of 88.43.

So BMW and Land Rover drivers, does this sting a little?

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