Boy Aged 9 Strangled To Death By His 14-Year-Old Brother Who Reportedly Looked "Possessed" During The Murder



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Boy Aged 9 Strangled To Death By His 14-Year-Old Brother Who Reportedly Looked "Possessed" During The Murder

By Ayunie

A harrowing incident unfolded in Bukit Piatu, Malaysia, claiming the life of a nine-year-old boy allegedly choked by his older brother. The tragic event shocked the community and prompted a swift response from concerned neighbors. Witnesses at the scene, including Ain, a 31-year-old resident, raised the alarm, urging a neighbor to immediately contact emergency services for assistance. The incident shed light on a series of disturbing events, indicating a troubled dynamic within the family and raising questions about the impact of bullying. As investigations are ongoing, it is crucial to approach the matter with sensitivity and refrain from speculative discussions that could hamper the process.

Ain, a neighbor and witness to the incident, received a distress call from the mother of the victim at around noon. The mother pleaded for Ain's help and asked her to come to their house after she spotted her third child allegedly being choked by his older brother. The mother had observed the incident through a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera on her mobile phone.
Source: Harian Metro

Upon arriving at the scene, Ain found only two siblings in the living room. The third child, the victim, lay unconscious, while his 14-year-old brother appeared to be in a state of shock. Ain stated that the victim's mother arrived shortly after and was comforted by other neighbors. It was revealed that the victim had not attended school that day due to eye discomfort and had been left at home with his older brother.

Ain further mentioned that both siblings had been monitored via CCTV cameras, which added to the shock and trauma of witnessing the incident firsthand.

According to Ain, the teenage boy was generally well-behaved, but recent events had caused him to become increasingly agitated. The boy had allegedly been a victim of bullying, which had negatively affected his behavior.

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Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Patit, the Chief of Melaka Tengah Police District, confirmed the incident and urged the public not to engage in speculative discussions that could disrupt the investigation and affect the sensitivity of the family involved.

The father of the 14-year-old suspect revealed that his son's behavior began to change after he experienced bullying at his boarding school in Alor Gajah. The father claimed that the bullying had been ongoing since his son's first year at secondary school, but he had remained silent until this year, when the situation worsened. The teenager eventually confided in his parents, sharing instances of being choked, drenched with water, kicked, and physically assaulted by two senior students.

The father, a 42-year-old man, explained that due to his son's altered behavior, the teenager had even resorted to choking him and his wife on one occasion. They sought help from the school and filed a police report after noticing injuries resulting from the bullying.

During the incident, the father was away in Terengganu for work, and his wife, who worked as a nurse, was on duty. To prevent any untoward incidents, they monitored the movements of their two children through CCTV cameras connected to their mobile phones.

The tragic incident of a nine-year-old boy allegedly strangled by his older brother in Bukit Piatu has deeply saddened the community. The circumstances surrounding the incident, including the impact of bullying on the suspect, highlight the urgent need to address and prevent such behavior. 

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