Attention; to all aspiring J.K Rowlings out there! Famed novelist Salman Rushdie says that ChatGPT will not replace human writers - if you prove to be the 'real deal'!



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Attention; to all aspiring J.K Rowlings out there! Famed novelist Salman Rushdie says that ChatGPT will not replace human writers - if you prove to be the 'real deal'!

By limsuyee

Growing up, many avid bookworms like you and me aspire to be the next Stephen King or J.K Rowling when we grow up. Every then and now, you often hear the two legendary authors and others like them say that the only way to be successful in this field is to read and write as much as possible every day.

However, the above tried and tested mantra is now rivaled by Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT in today's technology-obsessed world. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to write a 200-word extract from King's 1977 bestselling iconic novel 'The Shining', the machine would do exactly as told and come out with the desirable results that you want.

But for purists, this is an insult to the written word since fictional writers such as King and Rowling take years to hone their craft before achieving worldwide commercial success.

However, another fellow author Salman Rushdie who is also the prestigious Booker Prize-winning author of The Satanic Verses and Midnight's Children doesn't see eye to eye with ChatGPT at all. Rushie gave the AI tool plenty of flak and criticized its efficiency after testing his work on ChatGPT.

Nonetheless, his theory proved to be right. He found out that the machine produced only subpar results of his work, which none of it could pass off as his own.

The controversial writer stressed that standard AI writing tools are not much of a threat to serious novelists, but pose a higher risk to fictional writers who dabble in genres like thrillers and science fiction. Rushdie added that no doubt, those in the industry being hit hardest by the AI rush are film and TV writers.

Rushdie concluded by sarcastically remarking that ChatGPT had zero originality and humor, not surprisingly since the technology-derived ChatGPT could not think like a real human and therefore, does not have any human touch.

Well, we agree with Rushdie since there is nothing in this world that could beat the originality and brilliance of a human writer's natural writing skills, vast creative imagination, and topped with lots of good old-fashioned hard work, of course. Furthermore, we believe that there is no shortcut to success and that all great things in life are earned through the hard way.

On the flip side, what do you think of Rushdie's point of view for those of you who are frequent users of ChatGPT? If you want to give your two cents worth on this issue, do not hesitate to fire away now in the comments section below! 

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