Two Local Men ‘Healing’ At Bukit Tunku Freak Out After Hearing Creepy Laugh In The Background



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Two Local Men ‘Healing’ At Bukit Tunku Freak Out After Hearing Creepy Laugh In The Background

1 Week ago
By peachyunnie

Yet another creepy story at Bukit Tunku.... 

In a viral post on X, user @ricxxxkiddo shares an eerie video of two guys trying to hang by their car, in hopes for a fun, 'healing' experience, however what happens next is the complete opposite!

Through a dashcam video, you can see the two local men, chilling and having a drink by their car at 4am on the 6th of May. The video states that this their location is in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur.

Not long after their 'healing' time, they suddenly hear a creepy laugh in the background.  

Why this is odd is because; 1. they are the only ones there at the location with no other cars around, 2. the laugh sounded like it is from girl, or younger kid and 3. IT IS 4 IN THE MORNING.

After hearing the laugh, the two men immediately got up and went back in their car.

For the rest of the video, you can see them driving away, with one of them saying "bad vibe huh..."

Not wanting to talk about it or whatever they have heard, they try their best to find their way out quickly. 

Netizens on X, are currently reacting to this video in the quotes of the post, many sharing their own strange and frightening experiences at Bukit Tunku too. Some even warn other people travelling in this area.

The original poster of the video has not shared further details regarding the situation that occurred but YIKES.

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