WATCH : The Only Way To Open A Durian Snack, Is To Treat It Like The Actual Fruit Itself



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WATCH : The Only Way To Open A Durian Snack, Is To Treat It Like The Actual Fruit Itself

5 Days ago
By Nick Dorian

As the inevitable season of the Durian fruit is finally upon us, lovers of the infamous produce are heading to their favourite stalls to get their fill while prices remain fairly low. However, one stall has gone viral for their hilarious tactic of opening up not just the fruit, but a corn snack packet instead.

Posted on TikTok, user @mangoseenkedah recorded a video of opening up a packet of Durian flavoured corn chips, treating it with the same respect and technique as you would opening up the real thing.

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Starting by giving the packet a slight tap with his knife, he begins to check whether the packet is "ripe" and ready to be eaten for the customer. He then carefully cuts the packet open and even opens it slightly to check the inside of the "fruit", making sure that the nuggets inside are nice and plump and golden.

Complete with a safety glove on one hand, he carefully opens up the packet before taking a tupperware to store the snacks in, ready to take home and enjoy. And then to complete the whole experience, he made sure to even write the type of Durian fruit on top of the box for a truly authentic experience.

durian fruit snack corn chip

Nick Dorian

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