5 Tips to Become Happy Every Day!



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5 Tips to Become Happy Every Day!

By yiyingxx

A lot of people wonder if there is a possibility to become happy every day. The answer is definitely YES! In fact, it is not difficult to have a happy life. Happiness does not simply come from wealth, it also includes healthiness and even a simple thing in our life. Here are some tips for you to become happy every day. 

1. Exercise.

Exercise will not only let you have a strong body, regular exercise can also assist you to relieve stress and feelings of anxiety. Even a trivial act of exercise can make you feel a large difference in your emotions. Sweating is always the best way to adjust your nervous system and also reduce anger. Here are some exercises that you may carry out if you are a workout beginner:

I. 15-minute stretching.

II. Simple yoga.

III. 20-minute walking.  

2. Get enough sleep.

Adequate sleep is very important. Lack of sleep will affect your brain function as well as emotion control. If you are an adult, you are advised to have around 7 hours of sleep every day. A better sleep routine will definitely make you have a happy life. Here are some tips for you to have a good sleep:

I. Fix your sleeping time and wake up time.

II. Not to take a long nap in the afternoon (try not to sleep over 20 minutes).

III. Make your bedroom dark and quiet.

3. Socialize with friends.

Humans are social beings, and having friends can absolutely make you happier. Number of friends is not an important thing. A true and loyal friend is what you need. In a meaningful friendship, you can share your happiness and sadness together. What can you do with your friends during this MCO period?:

I. Play some online games.

II. Video call through online platforms.

4. Practice meditation.

Meditation is a way for you to be calm and forget your problem. Meditation involves mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation as well as focused meditation. Meditation does not need to be so complicated and difficult. It may be as easy as 5 minutes of sitting quietly with your own thoughts. Even deep breathing may be used as a kind of meditation.

5. Eat favorite food.

Food can be the best source of happiness. Enjoying your favorite food may help you feel happy, especially some desserts and snacks. You can’t buy happiness but dessert can! If you are scared of weight gaining, you may have some healthy and low-fat snacks. Here are some recommended healthy snacks for you: 

I. Mixed nuts. 

II. Greek yogurt and mixed berries. 

III. Dark chocolate and almonds.


Be happy whenever possible. It is always possible. May you have a happy life every day. 

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