Can't Grab a Parking Space | Angry Auntie Squirt Her "Milk" On Guy's Car!



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Can't Grab a Parking Space | Angry Auntie Squirt Her "Milk" On Guy's Car!


If you see a parking space but other car owners who are overbearing and insist on inserting it, will you leave silently and continue to look for parking?  Not everyone has a good temper. A few days ago, a woman got out of the car and shot human milk directly!

A woman in Washington, USA, about 40-50 years old, had a conflict with a male driver in the parking lot. The woman took out her big breasts from her clothes on the spot, and then squeezed breast milk to the driver's window!

It is reported that the incident happened because the woman thought she found the parking space first, but a male driver jumps in the queue, so she got so angry that she got out of the car and scolded the man for jumping in the queue, then took out her big breasts and sprayed breast milk to the man's car window. The man was so frightened and he immediately took pictures of the whole process, and even took pictures of the woman's car plate number, and threatened to sue her for blatant molestation, but the woman insisted that it was breastfeeding, not molestation! See the video here~

How is your opinion? Is this molestation?

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