The Drama Continues: Mahathir Is Now Suing Anwar RM150 Million For Defamation



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The Drama Continues: Mahathir Is Now Suing Anwar RM150 Million For Defamation

By Ayunie

A defamation case against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been launched by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is now asking for RM150 million in damages, an apology, and a retraction of the allegedly defamatory statements.

Dr. Mahathir claimed that Anwar had asserted that he allegedly only touched on Malaysian-related matters only after he was no longer the prime minister. He also listed Anwar's other complaints, which allegedly included claims that he was racist and promoted racial prejudice.

Dr. Mahathir asserted that Anwar's comments implied that he was extremely wealthy, had either not paid taxes or dodged them, and helped enrich his family. But he argued that none of Anwar's claims were true.

Anwar's words, according to Dr. Mahathir, were slanderous, damaged his reputation as a statesman and a former prime minister, led to a decline in community support and confidence, and will lead to a bad perception of him.  

Here Are Tun M's Demands For Anwar:

> With regard to Anwar's allegedly defamatory comments, Dr. Mahathir is suing him and seeking RM50 million in general damages and RM100 million in exemplary damages, as well as an order from the court requiring Anwar to immediately retract all of his statements.

> Dr. Mahathir is also requesting a court injunction mandating that Anwar immediately stop others from disseminating his comments on social media and in the media.

> Along with that, he requests that the court order Anwar to issue a formal, unreserved apology and an assurance that he would refrain from making any comments that might compromise his character or integrity, all of which must be accepted by him.

> Anwar is required to hold a special news conference in conjunction with his apology and undertaking and to make his commitment there within seven days of the High Court's order, according to Dr. Mahathir's request.

Anwar Vs Mahathir: Who will win? Leave your comments below. 

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