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MCO 3.0 for Malaysians?

ellephant   |   May 2, 2021, 21:31   |   183

We're exhausted by the amount of times we have been reporting the matter at hand, but alas, it would appear that, this has now become our lives. 


Just as we eased to the idea of lower daily cases, the economy reopening and a CMCO we could deal with, cases within the country has spiked once again reaching over 3,000 a day, as we now experience what could very likely be a 4th wave.

Since the high rise of numbers, there has been speculation and rants from netizens about a possible MCO 3.0.  

Not receiving any official statements from the government as of yet, according to an article by the Vibes, Defense Minister Ismail Sabri pointed out that all speculations of an MCO 3.0, including reports of a possible 2-week MCO (like the one imposed in selected regions of January 2021), are untrue.


According to him the National Security Council (NSC) have yet to gather and discuss the matter. However, sources have stated that Prime Minister Muhyiddin is rather reluctant toward another lockdown throughout the country.

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Nevertheless, no decisions have been set in stone, as many aspects still need to be talked over before the season of Eid al-Fitr approaches. 

For more on on where Malaysia stands with regards to Covid-19, stay tuned to Goody. 


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