REAL TALK: How To Avoid Catching Feelings For Your Sneaky Link



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REAL TALK: How To Avoid Catching Feelings For Your Sneaky Link

By Ayunie

Getting involved in a sneaky link type of partnership can be quite a dangerous territory to delve into, especially if you're the hopeless romantic type. But here's the reality: sometimes, physical intimacy means nothing more than a fleeting infatuation, and often not much meaning is tied to it.  

What's a sneaky link? Well, to keep it short, the term sneaky link is given to someone you currently have a sexual relationship with on the low. (You can read all about it here!)

If you do find yourself wanting to test the waters, here are some of the precautionary measures you could take, to avoid catching feelings for your sneaky link: 

1. Make sure you are emotionally equipped to be in such a partnership.
Physical intimacy can often be confused with emotional intimacy, and for any individual who finds it relatively easy to get attached, the line between the two might get blurry, or worse, non-existent. If you're the type to over-romanticize physical connection, having a sneaky link might not be the best idea. 

2. Establish ground rules.
It helps to enlighten each other about what you both are signing up for, instead of going in blind. Set up some healthy boundaries, a list of no-nos, etc. Initiating and maintaining good communication from the start could save you from a lot of messy situations. 

3. Avoid romantic activities.
In other words, try to keep it strictly physical. Oftentimes, despite being careful, feelings could still arise especially when the two of you are deliberately exposing yourself to any situation that may activate an emotional connection. One example is to not cuddle after, even though you may be tempted to. 

4. In this case, putting up walls is in fact, encouraged. 
If catching feelings is the last thing you'd want, then it's best not to suppress your emotional vulnerability with your sneaky link. Sure, there's nothing wrong with engaging in pillow talks but make sure you draw the line or you'll risk getting stuck in an internal conflict.   

5. Have another option on standby. 
As shallow as this may sound, it does decrease the chance of you ever falling for your sneaky link by a significant amount. The illusion of choice will prevent you from getting attached, and as long as you're being safe, there's no harm there. Of course, this isn't for everyone. 

6. Minimise interaction outside of the bedroom. 
You don't need to know what they're up to. Period. 

7. Recognise when you do catch feelings, and handle it in a diplomatic way.
If, however, you do catch feelings, it's best to come forward and confess. That being said, it's important that you're having such a partnership with someone who is able to carry a mature conversation so the process wouldn't take an awkward or bad turn.  

Would you recommend getting a sneaky link? Share with us your honest thoughts!

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