If You Heard A Gen Z Use The Word “Sneaky Link”, Here’s What It Means



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If You Heard A Gen Z Use The Word “Sneaky Link”, Here’s What It Means

By Ayunie

What is a sneaky link?

A term first coined on TikTok, in which the inspiration was taken from Hxllywood's catchy single that goes by the same name, "sneaky link" has redefined casual dating in ways that the generations before Gen Z might not be able to grasp. 


By loose definition, a sneaky link is a title given to someone you're discreetly having sexual relations with. How does it differ from the term friends with benefits, you ask? Well, a sneaky link's existence usually goes unannounced, and more than often hidden from anyone's knowledge. After all, it's a sneaky business for a reason. 


Are there any rules? 
The first rule of having a sneaky link, and this is very important: do not catch feelings. As anyone would expect, such a partnership could easily go the messy, complicated route real fast, if you're not careful. Other than that, there are no strings attached here, therefore jealousy shouldn't be in the mix. What happens when you do catch feelings? Well, here are the basic rules to ensure that you don't. 

To summarise, a sneaky link partnership is best suited for emotionally unavailable individuals with an insatiable appetite for physical intimacy. Also, there is such a thing as a pre- sneaky link ritual. 

Sneaky link rituals? What's that? 
Apparently, there's a certain ritual that goes down before you step out to meet your sneaky link, which consists of an elaborate beauty regimen, or hygiene regimen for the lads. Basically, it's for making sure you're as delicious as can be before the meet-up. 


What are your thoughts on having a sneaky link? Care to share with us? 

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