List Check For Non-Sexual Intimacies As V-Day Approaches



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List Check For Non-Sexual Intimacies As V-Day Approaches

3 Days ago
By ellephant

Valentine's day is just around the corner, and as you spend time thinking about your partner, what to get them, and how far the two of you have come, here are some cute attributes to tick off the list. 

Intimacy is important; sex of course, but also other non-sex related closeness two people can share. 

Here is a list of non-sexual intimacies two people may receive and give. 

See if they exist in your relationship.  

1. Easy conversations

Do you have conversations that just flow with your significant other? Things which just make you laugh, feel satisfied, without feeling restraint or worried about what can you say next. 

2. Wanting to hear from the other

It could be a busy day, week, month, but there are random check-ups, 'i miss yous' or 'i'm thinking about yous' every once in awhile, just to let them know they matter.  

3. Vibing to music, movies and more

Singing songs together, talking about those songs, discussing movies, tv series, simply being the moment together, whether you're tipsy, drunk or perfectly sober. 

4. Being attentive

Actually listening to what another is saying, simply because they love to hear you talk and are genuinely interested in the things you think about, how you feel and what you do.  

5. Verbal assurance

Creating a safe space where one is always assured about the love you share, about your place in their life, a benchmark that they will always try no matter how tough it gets. 

6. Physical touch

Just the simple need of wanting to make physical contact with you. An innocent touch, skin to skin, a haven in which they can always lean on free of worries.  

7. Long gazes

They like looking at you, and you them. Every look brings something different, new and profound. There is something unique about two people in love, merely looking at each other. 

8. Documenting

Memories are the best form of non-sexual intimacy. Keeping track of the most memorable instances via pictures, videos, voice notes, so on and so forth. Something to always look back on.  

An important list to have for a long, happy life together. Do you have an 8 out of 8?

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