WATCH: APM Officer Finds Six Snakes Living Inside Air Conditioner



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WATCH: APM Officer Finds Six Snakes Living Inside Air Conditioner

By JustineG

In recent news, a TikTok video has been circulating, showing a member of the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) encountering multiple snakes inside an air conditioning unit in a residential home. 

To everyone's surprise, not just one, but six snakes were found coiled up inside the air conditioner, indicating that they had made it their nesting site.

@apmlangkawi depa buat rumah pula dalam aircond panas panas ni hampa pi check cepat kat rumah hampa steady je akak @Soley ni pegang 6 ekor terus #apmeverest #angkatanpertahananawammalaysia #apmsanasini #foryoupage #fypシ゚viraltiktok #langkawi #apmlangkawiterbaik Epic Music(812424)

The APM has since issued a reminder to the public to exercise caution and be aware of the presence of these creatures, especially during the current hot weather, as reptiles tend to seek cooler environments.

Upon reviewing the comments section, netizens expressed shock and fear after witnessing the six snakes found inside the air conditioner. Some raised questions about how the snakes managed to enter the house and the specific location within the air conditioning system where they were discovered.

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