【Update + Recap + Video】UTAR's Crazy Aunty Is A Repeat Offender With A RM XXXX Outstanding Fine



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【Update + Recap + Video】UTAR's Crazy Aunty Is A Repeat Offender With A RM XXXX Outstanding Fine


A woman went on a rampage outside the UTAR Sungai Long campus after realising that her car was being clamped for illegal parking. She refused to pay the fine and made a massive scene for 4 hours straight before the police escorted her to the police station. As the story ends, fellow students start to check on the Aunty and find out that she is a repeat offender! 

Recap On The Incident

There are a few sayings speculating on social media. According to UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 Facebook page, the woman refused to pay a fine in order to remove the clamp, instead, she honked her car horn and caused a disturbance. The drama continues: 

1. She asked a random stranger for help but got rejected. She then showed him the middle finger. 

2. She threw money out her window onto the floor and insulted the MPKJ officers. 

3. MPKJ officers asked her to pick up the money. Again, she refused and stormed out of her car. 


4. She approached a few students nearby who were doing a street interview for their assignments, to borrow their phone. After being rejected, she snatched the student's phone and threw it away.

5. She then entered a nearby coffee shop, where the police arrived to talk to her. Also, the student who got her phone snatched and thrown on the road by the lady was there too. 

6. While the student was explaining the situation to the police, the woman yelled at her and even slapped her. 


7. She refused to cooperate with the officers, and when the police tried to apprehend her, she locked herself back in her car, but not before she tried to hit one of the officials with a sunshade and throw a sock at him. 

8. Additional police forces arrived at the scene and escorted her back to the police station. 

9. The crowd cheers as she leaves. 


Watch The Woman In Action Here:

Video 1 (Middle Finger, Money On The Floor, Snatching Phone)

Video 2 (Slapping)

Video 3 (Leaving scene)

She Is A Repeat Offender 

After a series of dramas, people start to wonder who the woman is. An anonymous ran a check on the woman's car plate on Scan & Compound on Smart Selangor Parking App. A screenshot was then shared on the UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 Facebook page showing the illegal parking offences that are related to the woman's car plate number, and a total of RM1930 fine was left unpaid.


Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 #TC28442, #TC28386, #TC28439, #TC28445, Bandar Mahkota Cheras & Sungai Long 皇冠城与双溪龙, Uclicknews

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