7-Year-Old Secretly Steals Beer From Parents And Brings To School, Ends Up Getting Drunk With Classmates



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7-Year-Old Secretly Steals Beer From Parents And Brings To School, Ends Up Getting Drunk With Classmates

2 Weeks ago
By sleepingbeauty

"Sharing is caring," a common adage that takes on new meaning when applied to children. A recent incident in Fujian, China serves as a stark reminder of this. A 7-year-old child discreetly pilfered a bottle of beer from the family refrigerator, surreptitiously stashing it in their school bag. 

Once at school, the young student shared this illicit find with their classmates. However, their escapade was short-lived, as the group quickly began to feel the effects of the alcohol, causing them to become unsteady during class.


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The teacher's entrance into the classroom marked the beginning of a surprising discovery. Students lay slumbering at their desks, prompting immediate concern. After a thorough inquiry, it was revealed that the young boy had brought the bottle of beer to school, leading to the students ' altered state. Fortunately, their consumption had been limited, with all of them sharing a single bottle.


Consequences followed for the students involved. They were subjected to disciplinary measures, including physical punishment, to the point where the implement used for correction was broken. This incident highlights the array of behaviors exhibited by children today, underscoring the importance of vigilant parental supervision.

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