Korea's Trending Skincare Brand 'Anua' Is The Latest Beauty Must-Buy!



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Korea's Trending Skincare Brand 'Anua' Is The Latest Beauty Must-Buy!

By ellephant

We're all ears when a skincare goes viral, because there's nothing more to life than waking up with flawless skin. 

As we ride the trend waves, the latest must-have is famous Korean brand Anua

The brand's biggest promise is having relaxed skin, which is achieved through the use of natural products. 

Some of it's most popular products based netizens and trending socmed platforms include:

1. Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 


Contains heartleaf extract which has been proven to be very effective for the treatment of problem skin. It is an acidic toner with a pH of 5.5-6, balancing both oil and moisture. 

It is also light on skin and is minimal to skin irritation. 

Price: RM72.90

2. Peach 70 Niacin Serum 


Has a blend of 70% peach fruit extract and 5% niacinamide to help even out skin tone. Promotes clear and smooth skin by clarifying pores. Has hyaluronic acid and B12 vitamins to help with nourishing. 

Price: RM75.50

3. Heartleaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil 


Contains jojoba, olive fruit and grapeseed oils which gets rid of impurities on skin. This leaves face refreshed with a hydrated finish. Most suited to acne-prone skin. 

Price: RM75

The next new brand to try adding to your routine!

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