【Updated】COVID-19 | Banting Area In Selangor Placed Under EMCO



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【Updated】COVID-19 | Banting Area In Selangor Placed Under EMCO

By Huan Lui

It was reported that Taman Langat Murni, Taman Langat Utama and Taman Langat Utama 2 in Banting, Selangor have come under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) yesterday (June 2) midnight.

According to China Press, the area was cordoned off after about 20 workers living there had tested positive for the virus. On May 29, the Health Ministry had confirmed that a new cluster was formed in Kuala Langat. 

Images of the lockdown have been circulating on the internet since. Police and army personnel were seen setting up barbed wire fencing around the area around 1 am on Wednesday to limit the movement of residents.


Photo source: Oriental Daily


Photo source: Kwong Wah

It was understood that about 4.3 km of the whole area has been surrounded by barbed wire.

All residents will be screened for COVID-19.


Photo source: China Press

Cover photo: China Press

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