Top 3 Cereals which Help You LOSE WEIGHT



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Top 3 Cereals which Help You LOSE WEIGHT

By ellephant

Hands down one of the biggest challenges in life, has to be the constant battle between wanting to eating, and wanting to lose weight at the same time. 

Despite our numerous efforts to have the best of both worlds, both those variables share an opposite relationship with each other. Due to that, it's difficult indulging in whatever we want, and still finding the means to shed some pounds.  

But, fortunately though, it isn't impossible. After some research, we discovered the top 3 cereals which taste oh so good, and shockingly, also helps you lose weight in the process. 

Unbelievable, yet true, check, them out below!

#1 General Mills Cheerios  

Type: Whole Grain, Multigrain, Apple Cinnamon, Honey Nut, and Very Berry

Price: RM31

Available on: Shopee

#2 Post Shredded Wheat  

Types: Original, Wheat N Bran

Price: RM33.50

Available at: Shopee

#3 Kellogg's All-Bran Wheat Flakes  

Price: RM30

Available at: Shopee

Best savored with iced cold milk, without wasting any time, go add to cart and enjoy!

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