【Food】Shout "MALAYSIA !" to get Free Burgers From McDonald's (13/9 - 16/9)



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Shout "MALAYSIA !" to get Free Burgers From McDonald's (13/9 - 16/9)

xweienx   |   Sep 9, 2021, 11:40   |   47

During the national day (31 August), McDonald's gave away free McChicken burgers to anyone who loved their country enough to proudly shout "Merdeka!" three times at the drive-thru. Now, they're about to do it again for Malaysia day (16 September)!


This time, though, instead of shouting "Merdeka", you'd have to shout "Malaysia! Malaysia! Malaysia!". Also, instead of getting the McChicken instantly, you would actually be getting a McChicken voucher for your next order. Here are some other things to take note:


- Only the first 100 cars at each McDonald's drive-thru will get a voucher.
- Each car is limited to only 1 voucher.
- You need to order anything from the menu (no minimum spend) to be eligible.

At first, it might seem like we're not getting a good of a deal as the last time, but wait till you hear this - instead of just one day, this event is going to go on for 3 days from 13/9 to 16/9!


So, grab this chance if you missed out on the last one! For more information, head to the McDonald's website here.


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