Watch ‘Arnold,’ A Three-Part Look At The Man Behind the Muscles



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Watch ‘Arnold,’ A Three-Part Look At The Man Behind the Muscles

2 Weeks ago
By storyteller24

There's a line in Arnold, the new three-part limited docuseries about the life of actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the athlete, actor and politician in the five decades he's been a household name. 

"If you're always hungry, you're never really satisfied," Schwarzenegger says in his instantly recognizable baritone. It's one of a number of motivating mega-statements Schwarzenegger makes throughout the series, describing a belief system that he actually lives by. After all, the man has reinvented himself countless times as a professional bodybuilder, actor, filmmaker, businessman and politician, an inspiring résumé for a kid from a small town in Austria. 

In his latest role as the orator of his own story, the former governor of California provides audiences with context and insight into three key chapters of his life: Arnold as an athlete, Arnold as an actor and Arnold as an American. 

Arnold premieres on Netflix on June 7.

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