WATCH: Local Actor Raves About Eating Horse Meat, Netizens Question Halal Status



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WATCH: Local Actor Raves About Eating Horse Meat, Netizens Question Halal Status

By JustineG

Marrying someone from a different culture opens the door to embracing their traditions, cuisine, and way of life. This is evident in the journey of local actor Fadlan Hazim, who married Aiya Mukhamedsalova from Kazakhstan.

In a TikTok video, Fadlan shared his experience trying various traditional Kazakhstani dishes, including horse meat. His caption provided a perspective on marrying someone from Kazakhstan, expressing how he learned to appreciate the country's cuisine.

The first dish featured was Beshbarmak, a traditional Kazakhstani delicacy incorporating horse meat. Fadlan served it on a plate and relished every bite.

Additionally, the Sangkar movie actor indulged in Khachapuri, a second dish resembling the naan bread commonly found in Malaysia. Fadlan enjoyed a piece of Khachapuri with enthusiasm, once again praising the flavour, claiming it surpassed even cheese naan.

The video sparked excitement among netizens in the comment section, with many expressing their eagerness to try Kazakhstani cuisine, while others questioned the Halal status of horse meat.

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