Neelofa And Family Fined RM60,000 In Total After SOP Violations



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Neelofa And Family Fined RM60,000 In Total After SOP Violations

By Ayunie

After weeks of backlash (more info on this article!), TV-Host entrepreneur Neelofa, along with her family will be fined a total of RM 60,00 for violating SOPs.  

"The compound is also for breaching inter-state travel regulations by taking part in activities not permitted by police. No discount is allowed for the compound," according to Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Zainal Abdullah, who has been handling the case. (source: The Star)  

In detail, Neelofa and her husband are both charged with an RM30,000 compound in total for breaking SOPs, 20 members of Neelofa's family are also fined RM 1.5K each, amounting to RM60,000 compound in total. The decision was made after weeks of investigation.  

Meanwhile yesterday, a humble burger stall operator in Kelantan was immediately fined RM50K on the spot for selling burgers outside his own house. 

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