No-Nos Aside, We Found 5 Reasons Why Porn Is Good For You



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No-Nos Aside, We Found 5 Reasons Why Porn Is Good For You

By ellephant

It's common knowledge that porn is bad for you, or at least knowledge we have been taught most our whole lives. 

Generally speaking, there are some pretty damning effects of watching porn, however, what many don't tell you, is the fact that there are also a handful of important benefits which comes with tuning into some porn every once in awhile.  

We're here to highlight these advantages, check it out!

1. Helps you understand your body

Porn doesn't teach you sex education, because there is plenty of stuff within the field it does not highlight. But it does generally give you an idea of sex, how your body works, what you like, what you don't and how far you'd like to take sex or masturbation.  

2. Promotes sexual confidence, higher sexual satisfaction and openness

Watching porn will enable you to be even more confident in what arouses you. This will in turn provide higher sexual satisfaction when engaging in intercourse, and the maturity to talk to your partner about your sexual needs. 

3. Enhances imagination, creativity and spicing things up in the bedroom

A perfect way to get creative, porn can help a couple explore new and exciting things when they are together. It could be for instance, a blueprint to knowing what works best for the two of you.  

4. Facilitates greater connection and intimacy

Although many believe it to be a blockage in a relationship, the more secure couples actually do use porn, to develop a much closer and intimate relationship with their significant other. 

There's a profoundness in vulnerability. 

5. May help better understand the LGBTQIA+ community

Porn does in fact promote a lot of same sex relations, which can help people better understand, acknowledge and maybe even respect, those who belong to the LGBT community.  

Of course all in all, there are much more downsides to watching porn, however, if done in moderation, and in the spirit of the right reasons, it can be not all bad, you know?

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