Jangan Kancheong… There's Enough Cooking Oil For Everyone, Says Lotus’s After Panic Buying Ensued



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Jangan Kancheong… There's Enough Cooking Oil For Everyone, Says Lotus’s After Panic Buying Ensued

By Ayunie

As a result of the government's recent decision to end subsidies for cooking oil beginning July 1, there was a shortage of cooking oil at supermarkets around the Klang Valley, according to a report in the New Straits Times.


In a Facebook post, Lotus's Malaysia reassured its customers that there is enough cooking oil to go around and asked them not to make a hasty purchase, for the sake of other consumers.

Additionally, the notice reaffirmed that all of its outlets have enough supplies of 1 kg and 5 kg cooking oil on hand for public consumption.


In spite of that, in order to maintain a steady supply, each customer will only be permitted to purchase up to three bags of 1 kilogram cooking oil and two bottles of 5 kg cooking oil.

Customers are encouraged to call Customer Service at 1-300-13-1313 or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.


Despite the reassurance, Lotus costumers claimed that there hasn't been enough supplies of cooking oil, even before the subsidy was revoked. 




The shortage of cooking oil throughout various supermarkets is, in fact, worrying. Despite the chaos, there is one clear message: be mindful when you shop for groceries. Grab only what you need, and leave some for others. 

Compassion is a virtue. 

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