M’sian Man Desperate To Find A Wife, Offers RM10,000 For A Woman Who Can Cook, Clean & Have Many Children



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M’sian Man Desperate To Find A Wife, Offers RM10,000 For A Woman Who Can Cook, Clean & Have Many Children

By MJC97

We are all familiar with the feeling of being single and lonely. It can get pretty sad, especially when all your friends keep sharing sweet photos with their significant others on Instagram. Thanks for reminding me how single I am!

Well, recently, a local man decided that it's time to be proactive when it comes to looking for a wife. So he took to Facebook and he even went down to the streets to look for a wife by advertising his offer through Facebook posts and even buntings. 

According to his Facebook post, he is a successful entrepreneur who is looking for a woman that has these characteristics:

- a woman who wants many children

- knows how to cook 

- wants to be a housewife that gets paid a high allowance and given luxurious gifts

According to the caption of the post, he even bought a wedding outfit for himself but is still not married

He even has a poster offering RM10k to anyone who can find him a wife.


No this is not a scam because according to his TikTok post, he is very serious about finding a wife. He even took to the streets by hanging up buntings advertising his offer. 


Kita yang tak hensem ni kenalah cari bakal isteri bersungguh-sungguh ‍

original sound - Ariff Peter

The Malay Mail said that he had been turned down multiple times but since he started using social media, he has gotten more than a thousand applications from Malaysian ladies some even suggesting their sisters, friends, aunties, and even their mothers!

So if anyone else is tired of being single, maybe take a few pointers from Ariff Peter and start advertising on Facebook and hang up buntings around your town! 

Also if you know anyone who is suitable to be Ariff Peter's lucky bride, tag them in the comments section! 

marriage jodoh Desperate To Find A Wife Offers RM10 000 A Woman Who Can Cook Clean & Have Many Children


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