An Influencer Based In Singapore Is Selling Her Farts In A Jar & We're ???



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An Influencer Based In Singapore Is Selling Her Farts In A Jar & We're ???

By ellephant

With a market, you can sell anything...

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans creator Kiaraakitty, real name Cheng Wing Yee, has started the business of selling her farts in a jar, and huh...?

Her product description reads: Farts kept in a bottle just for you, the bottle also comes with a love note and there is the branding 'Scents & Stuff'.

Each jar costs about S$30. 

Some FAQs answers about the product are as below:

"It is genuine and Kiaraa herself prepared herself dedicatedly while taking a bath, handled with care to ensure her farts be transferred into the jug successfully and would be mail to you with lotsa love." when questioned on bath water (another product she sells).  

"The scent (aka farts) can lasts between 20-30 days after opening. Make sure you have properly sealed it after opening and stored it in a cool and dry place."

Besides that, Kiaraa also sells used lingerie (USS$270-300) and used bikinis (US$169).

Although unorthodox, it would appear that there are many who are interested in the products she sells.


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