M'sian Model Zahnita Wilson Reportedly Lost Followers On Instagram After Uploading A Video Of Her Bare Face



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M'sian Model Zahnita Wilson Reportedly Lost Followers On Instagram After Uploading A Video Of Her Bare Face

By Ayunie

The realm of social media is often a double-edged sword for celebrities, offering them a platform to connect with fans while also exposing them to scrutiny like never before. Celebrities losing followers due to controversies isn't an unusual occurrence, but what if followers were lost simply for embracing their natural selves? Model and actress Zahnita Wilson recently experienced this firsthand when she shared a video of her makeup-free face, only to witness an unexpected drop in her Instagram followers.


Zahnita Wilson, known by her birth name Zahnita Dorothy binti Hussein Wilson, has graced the covers of numerous beauty and fashion magazines over the years, cementing her status as a local style icon. However, in a candid move that showcased her authentic self, Wilson posted a video capturing a moment of her life that was a far cry from the glamorous world of photoshoots and runways. The video depicted Wilson without makeup, enjoying quality time with her daughter amidst the refreshing rain outdoors.

Yet, what should have been an endearing and relatable display of real-life motherhood turned into an unexpected setback. Shortly after sharing the unfiltered video, reports surfaced claiming that the model had lost a considerable number of Instagram followers. 

In response to the unanticipated drop in her follower count, Wilson maintained her characteristic poise and authenticity. The following day, she uploaded another video, this time with a touch of makeup, accompanied by a caption that humorously acknowledged the situation: "Followers dropped a few hundred after the last post, oops! Can you imagine if I turned on all the trolling comments?" 

While the loss of followers might have been discouraging, Wilson chose to focus on the positive. She extended gratitude to her supporters for their kind and encouraging comments. Her subsequent posts, both makeup-free and with a hint of glamour, drew overwhelming support from both true fans and fellow celebrities. The collective sentiment expressed that her beauty radiates with or without makeup, reflecting the empowering notion that authenticity is a brand of beauty in its own right.

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