"I Have A Master's!" 27-Year-Old M'sian Master's Graduate Receives First Job Offer With Meager RM2.8k Salary



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"I Have A Master's!" 27-Year-Old M'sian Master's Graduate Receives First Job Offer With Meager RM2.8k Salary

By JustineG

Fresh graduates often hope to secure fulfilling employment opportunities after dedicating years to their education. However, the harsh reality of today's fiercely competitive job market frequently shatters these aspirations, leaving even those with advanced degrees struggling to find suitable positions. 


This reality hit home for a Malaysian graduate with a master's degree who was offered a job with a disappointing salary of RM2,800. Disheartened by the meagre pay, she turned to netizens on the Facebook page Ricebowl for advice. Completing her master's degree at 27, the OP faced challenges in her job search despite her academic qualifications. 


After an extensive period of seeking employment, she finally received an offer from a recruiter, albeit with a salary below her expectations. Reluctant to accept such low pay, she hesitated before ultimately agreeing to the job due to the lack of alternative options. Feeling disillusioned by the mismatch between her educational accomplishments and the financial compensation offered, the OP began questioning her decisions, wondering if she had made the wrong choices. 


In response, netizens shared a range of perspectives. Some acknowledged that starting with a lower salary is typical for individuals lacking work experience, while others shared personal stories to encourage the OP not to lose faith. They reminded her that, at 27, she still has many opportunities ahead and emphasised that education is an investment that yields returns over time.

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