#UNDI18 Clubhouse Hit Topic: Feared By The Power Of Youths? WAF Says Youths Unfit To Vote



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#UNDI18 Clubhouse Hit Topic: Feared By The Power Of Youths? WAF Says Youths Unfit To Vote

By Ayunie

#UNDI18 was a movement created by the youths of Malaysia as a demand to exercise democracy by allowing them greater access to voting. According to the Undi 18 Bill, the minimum age for elected representatives is lowered to 18, thus finally granting the youth their rightful voice in choosing Malaysia's leaders. 


credit: Berita Harian 

However,  following the article published on the 8th of February 2021 by Utusan Malaysia, quoting Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim that youths are indeed not ready to vote; Wan Ahmad Fayhsal, the deputy minister of the ministry of youths and sports took to Clubhouse to discuss the matter at hand. The gist of the Clubhouse conversation further leaned towards the notion that the youths are unfit to be carrying the voting responsibility. 


credit: Twitter user @bongkersz

Needless to say, the youths are furious. The #UNDI18 was a unanimous decision that received bipartisan approval which leaves no reason for it to be delayed, yet the politicians in question seem to share a different notion. The youths then fired their own artillery by forming their own Clubhouse room in response. 


credit: Twitter user @KhairulAqmal

Twitter is also currently bombarded with opinions on the whole debate (at the time of writing), with many questioning why #UNDI18 should not be carried forward when voting rights should rightfully be granted to this particular demographic as they are considered adults. 

One big question remains: are the youths so greatly feared that their voices are sought vehemently to be silenced?

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