Yay Or Nay: Is Navillera, The New Netflix Series Binge-Watch Worthy?



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Yay Or Nay: Is Navillera, The New Netflix Series Binge-Watch Worthy?

By Ayunie

Everyone is talking about the new Netflix series Navillera, which depicts a 70-year-old elderly slowly re-realizing his lifelong dream of becoming a ballet dancer, with the help of a 23-year-old ballerina played by none other than Korea's heartthrob Song Kang. 


source: kdramapal

But, is it a binge-worthy series or just another overhyped webtoon? Let's see. 

#1 The Main Actor Went Through Vigorous Training

Song Kang dedicated 6 months to training ballet to prepare himself for the series, and when an actor puts this much work into learning his character, you know the outcome would, most often than not; turn out to be exceptionally brilliant. 


source: GMA Network 

#2 A Wholesome And Heartwarming Tale About Fulfilling A Lost Dream

Can you resist a perfectly good heartwarming tale, especially when they're played by Korea's best talents? Their dynamic brings a unique value to the series, something that can be witnessed in just the first episode— which leaves much to ponder about what's coming next.


source: TellUsEpisode.net

#3 Frankly, If You Need A Good Cry...

This series will make you realize that every soul that walks this earth has at least one dream they had to bury deep and far in order to survive another day, and some people never get the luxury of starting over. Sounds familiar? 


source: detikHOT

The verdict's out and it's quite clear: Navillera should be on your next binge-watch list because aside from their A-list cast, you are guaranteed an emotional roller-coaster ride that you just can't say no to. 

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