Best, High-Quality Matcha Powder Brands You Can Get In Malaysia



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Best, High-Quality Matcha Powder Brands You Can Get In Malaysia


Want to know a life-changing fact (applicable for Matcha addicts only)? Making your own matcha latte at home is, to be frank, effortlessly easy and the only difference between homemade matcha latte and store-bought is that they‘re far from overpriced.  

Before you purchase your own matcha powder, you'd need to make sure you're actually buying the good kind. Here are some ways to detect a high-quality matcha powder:

 • TEXTURE: A good quality matcha green tea has a fine and smooth feel to it that the consistency should be similar to baby powder or eyeshadow.

COLOR: A good-quality matcha should have a bright green color. 

SCENT: It has a strong aroma; a fresh, and sweet scent.

TASTE: Earthy, sweet; like a distinct umami taste.

Now, let's take a look at some of the best matcha powders you can get here, locally: 

1. Forest Cloud Uji Matcha Powder  

| Purchase Here

2. Niko Neko Matcha Powder

| Purchase Here

3. Montea Green Tea Powder

| Purchase Here

4. Matcharo Matcha Aki (Ceremonial Grade) Matcha Powder

| Purchase Here

5. Caroma Pure Green Tea Matcha Powder

| Purchase Here

Get any of these matcha powders, a frother, milk of your choice— and voila! You can make your own matcha latte à la Starbucks at home. 

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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