【Advice】27yo M'sian Shares His Struggles with Reaching 30 And It Went Viral Because It’s So Relatable



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27yo M'sian Shares His Struggles with Reaching 30 And It Went Viral Because It’s So Relatable

MJC97   |   Nov 22, 2021, 16:36   |   594

In the wee hours of the morning, a Facebook user named No Money Lah by Yi Xuan who was probably lying in bed, unable to sleep, thinking about life (erm, me too) posted a status on Facebook about his feelings on turning 30. 

After posting it, he probably felt a little better since he shared his feelings, so he probably went to bed. Little did he know that overnight, more and more people started reading his post and sharing it because of how relatable it was!!

He started his post with “I am 27. Still single. Still living with my parents. Still trying to figure out life.” And that has me like:


He then proceeded to compare where we are in life at this age and where our parents were at this age during their time.

Many of our parents were already married, with a house and with children too. But honestly, at this day and age, there’s no way that’s possible. 

My favourite quote from his post is “Forget getting married or buying a house by 30. I am blessed if I can take care of myself already!”


Hell yes! Preach it, brother! Taking care of myself is a freakin’ full time job and I barely have time for it, how in the world would I have time to take are of somebody else too?!

That’s just the beginning of the post btw, he then went on to list down everything his feeling as he’s turning 30 and all I can do is scream YASSSSS! Here are some of his relatable points:

1. Comparing himself with others 


Honestly, who doesn’t do this?! 



The uncertainty has doubled due to COVID-19 too! 

3. He needs MORE!


More time, more money, more productive, more achievements. We need them too! 

4. His emotions


This is how I feel, EVERYDAY! 


I live in fear of under-achieving every minute of the day! 

But, instead of focusing on the negative, he shared how he deal with these feeling by focusing on what he can control which are:


I want to print this our in huge prints and make it my daily affirmation. 

You may say the social media help distract you from all your stress but let’s be honest, it the root of all our insecurities! Why is she prettier than me, omg she loss so much weight, wow they’re married omg he bought a new car… these thoughts are like fertilizer to our garden of insecurities. 

We don't need the bad vibes social media brings!


As for forgiving ourselves, that is something we all need to do! Every time you see yourself making progress, big or small or achieving something, big or small, go out and treat yourself because you deserve it! 


At the end of the day, turning 30 shouldn’t be a problem if you set reasonable and achievable goals for yourself based on what you know you can do, not based on what others are doing or what others expect from you. 

The next time you lie awake overthinking about where you are in life, think of No Money Lah by Yi Xuan, you’re not the only one feeling like that and focus on what you can control, just like he does. 


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