Meet Monsters And Experience Life In Dungeons Only At Sunway Pyramid



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Meet Monsters And Experience Life In Dungeons Only At Sunway Pyramid


The long-anticipated "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" is now playing in Malaysia's cinema! Starring Chris Pine, Sophia Lillis, Michelle Rodriguez and Regé-Jean Page, the movie brings you to the medieval era where a troop of thieves set out on an epic quest to find an ancient relic. How exciting! But what's more thrilling is, you get to experience the dungeons and meet the dragons and monsters in Malaysia!

Behold explorers!

Dungeons & Dragons The Tavern Experience is now in Sunway Pyramid! Games, adventure and "treasures" are waiting for you!  

There are 4 game stations in total. 


The Dungeons and Dragons Monster Exhibit invites you to explore a world of wonder and learn more than ever about the characters from Dungeons & Dragons. Don't miss out on this exciting display that will transport you to the world of imagination. Come experience this fantastic adventure and encounter the creatures for yourself!  


At our Chamber of Oaths activity, you may feel the power of swearing an oath, exactly like the lead character in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons film. Declare what you want to do before 2024, make a commitment to yourself, and link yourself to a higher force. Following the writing of your pledge on a scroll, you will be photographed as a memento of this memorable occasion. Don't pass up this exceptional and motivational opportunity!  


Who else is ready to become a Rogue? Rogue characters in Dungeons and Dragons are renowned for their dexterity and quick reflexes, which enable them to dodge danger and respond swiftly during combat. We've created the Rogue Reflex Trainer to test that and prepare you for it. In it, you'll need to grab falling sticks because such skills are thought to manifest physically in that way. excellent hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes!  


At this medieval arts activity, let your imagination run wild and bring your Dungeons & Dragons character to life! You can purchase character posters in A5 format and enjoy colouring them. There will be colouring pencils and papers available, so all you have to do is use your imagination. Show off your artistic talent to your friends and family by bringing a particular work of your own art home. Don't pass up the opportunity to design your very own masterpiece for Dungeons & Dragons!  

What a thrilling experience! But that's not the end...

# Win A Limited-Edition Tankard

How can anyone be saying goodbye without bringing home some "treasure"? 

To win this "treasure", all you need to do is participate in at least two of the activities and spend a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt at the event. Also, collect two stars on your Sunway Pyramid Mobile App and you are eligible to enter the Tankard Lucky Draw!

One more thing before you leave...
# Celebrate your adventure with an ice-cool Dragon Brew

Head over to our bar and grab yourself a FREE Dragon Brew when you have completed at least two of the activities and collected two stars on your Sunway Pyramid Mobile App.  

So...fellow explorers, ARE YOU READY?! Make your way to Sunway Pyramid and start your journey! 
**Dungeons & Dragons The Tavern Experience is ongoing now until 2 April. 

For more details, visit >>their official website<<

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