Pro Templates for Your Photo Frame Display Wall



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Pro Templates for Your Photo Frame Display Wall

By MJC97

If you’re into home décor then you know how adding a few photo frames can turn a plain, empty wall look like an art museum. But you can’t just randomly place the photo frames with different sizes on a well. 

There has to be a certain organized randomness to it. It has to look both together and directionless at the same time. 

Unfortunately for us, not everyone has the ability and the talent to create such random awesomeness. So here are some templates for you to hang your photos or artworks on your display wall:

1. Grandeur  

This template with definitely make your grand home grander and for those with a minimalistic and simply style, this will add a little wow factor to you homes.

2. Perfect Fit  

Okay, if you’re slightly OCD and really like stuff that fit perfectly together then this template is going to make you smile.

3. Gridlock  

If you hate different sized photos all together randomly, then you should definitely go for the gridlock for a neater and cleaner look. 

4. Chain Reaction  

Nope, this is not for the scientists. This template is suitable if you have a table or something else blocking the bottom half of the wall, then you should use this template to make the wall look longer and less empty. 

5. Centered 

Another template that looks so satisfyingly perfect that it will make your messy home look more organized.  

6. Close Knit  

For anyone with a ton of photos or artwork of different size, this would be perfect for you. If you like this but have less photos, then add in some artwork or inspirational quotes. 

7. Just Because  

This template looks good but if you’re going to take a measuring tape and measure the distances between each frame then you’ll realise it actually isn’t a perfect fit. So perfectionists, stay away from this template. 

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