M'sian 1st Runner Up of Miss Global 2022 Steals The Show After Rushing To Help Fallen Presenter



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M'sian 1st Runner Up of Miss Global 2022 Steals The Show After Rushing To Help Fallen Presenter

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

Not only beautiful but also kind? Sandra Lim, you're a true QUEEN!

Malaysian beauty queen, Sandra Lim not only made headlines for being the 1sy runner-up for the Miss Global 2022 pageant but also because she stole all our hearts with her kindness. 

In a viral video, the 21-year-old was the first to rush forward to help a presenter who suddenly fell into a hole on the stage. Thankfully the production crew came and managed to help the presenter get out of the whole. But, in the video, you can see that Sandra was the first to run over to the presenter even with her high heels, bend down and try to help him before the production crew came to the scene. 

As of now, the video has over 160k views, 9494 likes and 367 comments and it has been shared across multiple platforms with people praising the beauty queen's actions. 

@instafashionpageant #sandralims MGlobal Malaysia sigap banget ya guys,dia langsung lari buat nolong,moga bapak nya ga kenapa2 #missglobal 2022 #baliindonesia #fyp Butiran Debu - Terry

The TikTok account belongs to an Indonesian who captioned the video by saying that Miss Global Malaysia was very attentive and pointed out how she ran to help the presenter. 

Just moments after her heroic actions, Sandra Lim has crowned the first runner-up of Miss Global 2022. Shane Tormes from the Philippines may have won the pageant but Sandra Lim won our hearts! 

Who do you think should have won Miss Global 2022 and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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