WATCH: Inspektor Sheila Turns Into Social Media Star As Her Promotional TikTok Videos Create A Buzz



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WATCH: Inspektor Sheila Turns Into Social Media Star As Her Promotional TikTok Videos Create A Buzz

By Ayunie

In a surprising turn of events, a police inspector has taken social media by storm, attracting widespread attention and amusement from netizens. Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar, a 35-year-old police inspector currently suspended due to an ongoing court case, recently appeared in a TikTok video, showcasing her talents as a social media influencer for a cosmetic brand. The videos quickly went viral, creating a buzz and igniting discussions among internet users. 

Sheila's Unconventional Journey:

Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar has been in the spotlight before, having faced arrest and charges for berating a low-ranking officer in Gombak, as well as members of the public. Now, she has captivated social media users once again, this time by venturing into a completely unexpected career path as a social media influencer. In a series of videos that have emerged online, Sheila can be seen applying and promoting a cosmetic product, showcasing her versatility and attracting attention from all corners of the internet.

A Boost from Popularity:

It appears that Sheila's popularity and social media presence caught the attention of the cosmetic brand, leading to her involvement in the promotional videos. Despite her current suspension from duty due to an ongoing court case, her online influence remains intact. Companies often seek out individuals with significant followings and engaging personalities to promote their products, and Sheila seems to have found herself in such a position, albeit unexpectedly.

The Viral Videos:

A few videos featuring Sheila have gained significant traction on various social media platforms, which can be watched below:

Netizens React:

The videos featuring Sheila have generated mixed responses among netizens. Some find her antics humorous and praise her ability to entertain, while others question the appropriateness of her online presence considering her legal situation. Social media users have been actively discussing and sharing their opinions on the videos, contributing to the ongoing conversation surrounding Sheila's newfound role as a social media influencer.

Despite the ongoing court case, Sheila's popularity and comedic presence have led to her involvement in these viral clips. The reactions from netizens have been diverse, ranging from amusement to skepticism. 

What do you think of Inspektor Sheila now? Comment down below.

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