Have You Been Hurting Someone’s Finances At Work? Check & See!



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Have You Been Hurting Someone’s Finances At Work? Check & See!

By ellephant

Working at the office can get draining, but having great colleagues with you can definitely help.

However, sometimes we get a little too comfortable, we forget to be considerate. Have you ever been on the giving end of hurting your colleagues finances?

Here are some scenarios for you to check.


1. Making friends join you for expensive events, i.e. concerts, music festivals, etc. when they’re not able to afford, or don’t want to spend

2. Picking places to celebrate special occasions that are pricey and lavish without checking with everyone

3. Assuming colleagues are joining in for after-work parties or dinners without asking them first


4. Insisting your colleague joins you for lunch even when they already have lunch planned out

5. Asking colleagues to take food away for you, saying you’d pay them back and then never getting around to it

6. Insisting gifts given as a team to higher ups be on the pricier end without getting the green light from the whole team


7. Pressuring teammates to treat lunch/drinks just because they got a pay raise

A little asking/checking goes a long way. Not everyone can afford a life of luxury, so don’t assume and always be certain before making decisions that can impact someone else's finances.


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