Malaysia Ranked The 8th Most Stressful Country To Drive In, Here’s Why According To Locals



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Malaysia Ranked The 8th Most Stressful Country To Drive In, Here’s Why According To Locals

By MJC97

Recently, Malaysia was ranked as the 8th most stressful country to drive in based on research done by and Malaysians shouldn't even bother trying to defend themselves. We all know that in order to drive and survive on Malaysian roads, we need to have a very high level of patience and tolerance to deal with all the annoying things local drivers do on the road.  

So, to further confirm the statistic provided by, we asked Malaysians and people who have driven in Malaysia what are the most annoying things that local drivers do. Here's what they had to say:

# Deric, Kuala Lumpur

"The thing I hate the most is when they think it is safe to overtake on the left side of the road! I almost crashed into them so many times and they will show me the middle finger as if it is my fault!"

# God, Johor

"If you're driving slowly in the right lane then you need to be taught a lesson! The right lane is for OVERTAKING other vehicles. Also, stop randomly braking for no good reason because it consumes more fuel, wastes your brake pads and causes traffic jams, not the mention the road rage it gives me! One more thing, if you want to cut queue, don't slow down and suddenly stop at a point where there isn't an opening, you will block 2 roads because of your driving skills! Don't even get me started about the signals..."

# Tara, Penang

"I hate it when I see a bus speeding through traffic. They are huge but they pretend to be a Kancil. You can see them passing you like the Flash and squeezing their way into small spaces that can barely fit them. The worst thing is looking at your review mirror and watching a bus speed from afar before suddenly braking behind you, you have to hold your breath until they stop!" 

# Kira, Selangor


# Liam, Perak

"I hate the inpatient drivers who seem to always be rushing and speeding, maybe need to rush home to poop or something, I don't know. Some also zig-zag all over the road and cut people just because they want to be quick."

# Yash, Melaka

"When they turn on their highlights or install the white light for their car that is so bright. I have astig and when this happened I am BLIND!"

# Angel, Perlis

"Very annoying when people decide to run a red light. If my side is green I will definitely go fast then you suddenly run the red light and almost hit me and I have to brake so suddenly. Very dangerous. Just follow the lights!"

# Dinesh, Kuala Lumpur

"I get very annoyed when people decide to double park or park at the side of the road especially when the road is narrow or only has one lane. Most of these roads are already jammed then your behaviour just makes things worse!"

# Syed, Negeri Sembilan

"The most annoying people on the road are lorry drivers. They drive so dangerously and they can be very unpredictable." 

# Alisha, Penang

"Most Malaysians love to stop on the yellow boxes. They don't know that you cannot stop at the yellow box and it's just so frustrating!"  

See, this is more than enough proof that we deserve to be ranked as the 8th most stressful country to drive in. Do you have any experience driving in Malaysia? Share your thoughts in the comments sections, we'd love to hear them!

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