“I’m Single And Ready To Mingle!” Sajat Announces Her Breakup On Instagram



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“I’m Single And Ready To Mingle!” Sajat Announces Her Breakup On Instagram

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

After posting a throwback video of herself getting complimented b a stranger, Sajat used the caption of the post to tell the world that she is newly single and ready to mingle! 


In the video, a stranger comes up to her and calls her beautiful before asking for her name. She then answers saying that she is waiting for her boyfriend. He accused her of lying and she responded again reconfirming that she is waiting for her boyfriend. 

In the caption, she clearly states that she is single after stating:

"Sometimes it's better to move on than to hold on to a person who doesn't understand you. Sometimes your absence will teach what your presence cannot. Staying in a situation where you're unappreciated isn't called loyalty, it's called breaking your own heart.

Sometimes when you show someone that you love and care for them, you only end up hurting yourself, because they never cared to bother and appreciate it...

now no more words appreciate ️️️.

enough is enough ️️."

Well, there must have been some drama there but we can't tell or sure... However, all the photos of her and her boyfriend have been deleted from her Instagram. 


What do you think happened? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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