All About Sagittarius & Aquarius Compatibility – The Two Most Wildly Independent Zodiacs Signs



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All About Sagittarius & Aquarius Compatibility – The Two Most Wildly Independent Zodiacs Signs

By storyteller24

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Sagittarius and Aquarius are quite an energetic match. These two zodiac signs share a lot of things: a zest for life, a desire to act on any passing whim, strong opinions, and a rebellious streak. Sagittarius is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign. In astrology, air feeds fire, and these two elements often blend harmoniously. While Sagittarius and Aquarius have a lot in common, it's also important to consider what behaviors and patterns they encourage in one another. Both zodiac signs possess the ability to power through life, but also can easily detach from their deeper emotions. Balance is certainly required.


Dates: November 22 to December 21

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Ruler: Jupiter

Represented by: A centaur archer


Dates: January 20 to February 18

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: Uranus

Represented by: The water-bearer


Although their elements and modalities are different, Sagittarius and Aquarius have a lot in common. They're two of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac – they're always learning new things and sharing them with others. They're both creative thinkers, though in different ways – Sagittarius is the philosopher of the zodiac, while Aquarius is the scientist of the zodiac. But still, that means they have a lot to talk about! And they're both outgoing, sociable types.


Both of these signs are used to being the life of the party. When they walk through the door, people know the party is *actually* about to get started. Their energy is infectious. Together, Sagittarius and Aquarius make a wonderful match as BFFs. They innately yearn for adventure and new experiences. This duo would also make excellent travel companions – they trust each other to give the other enough space when they need it and don't take it personally. Both up for trying skydiving or bungee-jumping at least once. These two zodiac signs are both out-of-the-box thinkers and have a wise, sage quality to them. They know how to party late into the night, but will still be up for a long existential chat over their morning cup of coffee. Sagittarius and Aquarius will appreciate the experiences they can share together, along with their intellectual and philosophical connection.


Both Sagittarius and Aquarius value their independence. Neither is the type who needs to be in constant communication; in fact, they like being able to disappear for a few days or weeks. These two have creative minds and can talk for hours about big ideas, or just share absurdist memes over text. Sagittarius does have a reputation for being a little tactless, but Aquarius is known for being emotionally detached, so it all works out? The only issue here is that with neither sign being inclined to initiate small talk, they might find it hard to stay in touch.


Sex between a Sagittarius and Aquarius will be full of surprises. These two will need not just physical stimulation, but a mental connection as well. Sagittarius' ruling planet is Jupiter – the planet of abundance, luck, and growth. It's in Sagittarius' nature to always be up for a good time and to try anything once. This blends well with Aquarius' open-mindedness and often eccentric tastes. Aquarius is ruled by two planets in astrology: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn's influence lends a cool and emotionally detached vibe to Aquarius' nature, while Uranus stirs up a desire for rebellion and breaking free from the status quo. Astrologically speaking, these two zodiac signs aren't afraid to try something new every time they meet between the sheets (with consent, of course).


Clinginess is something neither Sagittarius nor Aquarius will put up with. These two require fierce independence and autonomy in any relationship – be it platonic or romantic. At first glance, this seems to be a seamless fit; a no-brainer. But what if both parties' natures are too independent? What if neither is willing to take the courageous plunge into vulnerability? That's exactly where this zodiac pairing can find trouble. If neither person is comfortable enough to move past light-hearted conversations or even philosophical discussions and embark on establishing a deep emotional connection, the spark can fizzle out. Intimacy is challenging for all signs, but these two signs can prefer to remain a bit detached, which can lead to issues within the relationship. And voila, just like that, they end up ghosting one another. It's also incredibly important for Sagittarius and Aquarius to have a balance between their own individual world and the world they share with their partner. They need to maintain a sense of their own identity, friendships, and life, no matter how serious they get.


If this cosmic duo finds themselves in a stable and healthy relationship, their views on marriage will surely overlap. Neither is all that interested in living by society's rules – they both have an inner rebel. They respect one another and their commitment by allowing the other partner to have their autonomy. This may mean choosing to forego walking down the aisle and all the decorative signs that come with it, or simply put their own, unique spin on a wedding. Whatever this couple decides, there will be a mutual respect and understanding that their commitment is deeper than society's definition. If they do choose to marry, it's likely there won't be a rush. These two want to soak up life and all the experiences they can before their knees go out and they enter the next phase of their lives.


These two eccentrics of the zodiac are a natural fit, whether as friends or as partners. But being so independent, they'll both need to put in the work if they want a relationship to be a long-term commitment rather than a casual fling.

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