Man Fired For Refusing To Drink With Colleagues, So He Sued His Former Company And Won



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Man Fired For Refusing To Drink With Colleagues, So He Sued His Former Company And Won


The man, known only as Mr. T in court records, was fired from Cubik Partners in 2015 after declining to participate in seminars and weekend social events that his attorneys claimed featured "extreme drunkenness" and "promiscuity," according to court documents.

The "fun" culture at the company, according to Mr. T, entailed "humiliating and intrusive behaviours" including forcing him to share a bed with another employee while at work events and engaging in simulated sexual acts.

The Court of Cassation said this month that the man was entitled to "freedom of expression" and that declining to partake in social activities constituted a "basic freedom" protected by labour and human rights legislation and was not a reason for his termination.

The man, who is French; was reportedly employed by Cubik Partners in February 2011 as a senior consultant and elevated to director in February 2014. He was let go in March 2015 for "professional ineptitude" after it was claimed he didn't uphold the company's cordial principles.

In terms of alcohol consumption, France is one of the most permissive nations in the world. Alcohol consumption is not regulated when it occurs in a private setting, even though the legal drinking age in public is 18.

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