Is My Partner Adult Enough, Emotionally? Here Are 8 Signs To Tell



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Is My Partner Adult Enough, Emotionally? Here Are 8 Signs To Tell

By ellephant

Love can make the world a brighter place and whatnot, but a good and strong relationship isn't just based on love. 

There are infinite aspects to it and the most important is having someone who knows how to manage their emotions right. 

Here are 8 signs that [they] speak your emotional language. 

Check out if they add up to YOUR romantic relationship.  

1. They listen to feedback about themselves without becoming highly defensive or emotionally reactive.

2. They know when they're in a mood or just need some space, they take it and do the same for you when world's are reversed. 

3. When you're upset about something, they acknowledge it and don't say things like 'you're sensitive'.

4. They genuinely show interest in your emotional experience by asking how your day went, what was things like, or how an experience was for you.  

5. When they have a bad day, or say something they regret/is hurtful, they apologize.

6. You feel comfortable around them and don't have to walk on eggshells, or monitor their mood, for fear of how they'd react. 

7. They cherish the quirky, unique parts of you and encourage you to do the things which bring you joy. 

8. They can have uncomfortable/tense conversations without name calling, shaming, or getting out of control.  

These may be small attitudinal decisions, but a little can go a long way when you're down bad for someone. Best to look out for them!

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