WATCH: Man Caught Groping A Woman At Selayang Lotus, Says He “Didn’t Mean To” Once Confronted



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WATCH: Man Caught Groping A Woman At Selayang Lotus, Says He “Didn’t Mean To” Once Confronted

1 Week ago
By peachyunnie

CCTV evidence posted on X, shows a troubling occurrence that happened in Selayang Lotus on Tuesday, June 4th, where a man wearing a white jersey groped a woman on her lower bottom while walking past her.

The video starts off innocently as though two shoppers are just carrying about their day-to-day errands. However, as the video carries on, you can see the man walk past the woman and touches her butt inappropriately. 

The woman instantly approached the store's counter to get a review of the CCTV tapes after discovering she had been touched improperly. 

Though her initial reaction was just pure utter shock as she looks back at the man, the public is glad she went to the store for help in uncovering this incident.  

A photo of the suspect was released by the store, captured through their CCTV cameras. 

In the victim's police report, it states that the woman had confronted the man, who had claimed that his action was unintentional.

In spite of this, the issue was brought to the attention of the authorities, and an inquiry is presently in progress.

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