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Losing Weight Is Easy | Tricks From Jun Ji-Hyun To Maintain Slim Figure

Jada   |   Sep 16, 2020, 14:34   |   722

In 2001, Jun Ji-Hyun became a top actress in South Korea after performing in the "My Savage Girlfriend" drama. 

Although she is a mother of two children now, she is still in very good shape and is completely the same as when she debuted.

When she was asked about her secret of maintaining her figure, she laughed and said: "Be cruel to yourself!" 

Below are some of the steps of the goddess in the journey of losing weight. 

1. Eat With The Left Hand

Jun Ji-Hyun, who is right-handed, often uses her left hand in order to slow down the speed of eating. 

This makes her eat slowly and eat less. 

Chewing slowly can ensure that the food is fully broken down and digested by the gastric juice. 

2. Apply Lipstick Before Meals

Jun Ji-Hyun will put on makeup and lipstick before eating in order to remind herself to take care of the makeup and lip colour.

Subconsciously, she will chew slowly. With longer chewing time, the stomach will have more time to tell the brain that the body will feel full. 

3. Secret "Chicken Milkshake"

Jun Ji-Hyun is very particular about the selection of ingredients and the intake of calories, whereby she has her own set of unique recipes, such as the secret "chicken milkshake"

First, blanch the chicken breasts. Add and mix it with milk, almonds, walnuts, fruits, and vegetables in a blender. Then, a cup of nutritious drink is complete!

4. Get Up At 6 am To Exercise

Jun Ji-Hyun starts the morning exercise between 6-7 am, at least 3 days a week, and continue for 1 hour at a time. 

Usually, she would do aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, etc., coupled with occasional pilates sessions.

As long as you follow these steps, losing weight is no longer difficult! Isn't it as easy as ABC?

Cover Photo: We Love It | DeviantArt


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