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PeKa B40 Benefits | Free Medical Examination and more For B40

Jada   |   Oct 13, 2021, 13:16   |   26

Under the "PeKa B40" health care program, free health examinations are provided for Malaysians aged 40 and above. Besides, they need to be under the B40 group. No special registration is required to join PeKa B40. 

At least 3,421 government clinics and private clinics across Malaysia participate in this program. 


1. Check your eligibility.

2. If deemed eligible, visit the nearest PeKa B40 clinic, and remember to bring your MyKad. The list of the clinics under the Peka B40 program can be viewed from the official website of Peka B40

3. A medical checkup will be performed during your first visit to the clinic.

4. A second visit to find out laboratory test results from the doctor, as well as a follow-up action, i.e. either referral to one of MOH Facility, or MOH’s Healthy and Active Program (Program Sihat Vegas).

PeKaB40 plan is managed by Protect Health, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Health. It provides a total of 4 benefits as follows.

1. No annual fee for examination

A physical examination can be performed in government and private clinics once a year, including physical or mental examination, breast and prostate cancer screening, urine and blood tests.

2. Up to 20,000 ringgit medical equipment subsidy

Medical equipment subsidies can be used to purchase artificial joints, hearing aids, wheelchairs and other medical equipment.

3. Cancer chemotherapy subsidies

You will be entitled to receive RM1000 for the completion of cancer chemotherapy. This reward will be distributed in 2 batches. The first RM300 will be given during the period of cancer treatment; the second RM700 after the completion of the treatment.

4. Transportation allowance

Citizens from West Malaysia and East Malaysia will receive RM500 and RM1000 respectively.

Let's grab the benefits under Peka B40 now!


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