"There Won't Be Anymore Lockdowns Even If Cases Predicted To Increase, " — Azmin Ali



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"There Won't Be Anymore Lockdowns Even If Cases Predicted To Increase, " — Azmin Ali

By Ayunie

Even though the worryingly high number of the current COVID-19 cases in Malaysia might seem to lead the nation into yet another full social and economic lockdown, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Mohamed Azmin Ali has reassured Malaysians that the country will not be implementing lockdown of any kind. 


"I guarantee there will be no more total lockdown (full closure of the social and economic sectors)," he said, saying that the move simply cannot be done as it could impose a negative impact on the economy. "During the earlier stages of the pandemic, we were lacking the experience and date but two years have now passed and we simply cannot afford to implement a total lockdown," Azmin explained. 


According to Azmin, the last time a total lockdown was executed, its impact on the nation's employment was huge, with the first three months of 2020 having to witness a 5.3% rise in the unemployment rate or a total of 826,000 people who've lost their ways of earning.


Azmin also said that should there be a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in the country, a targeted approach will instead be administered, emphasizing the fact that economic health is also as important as health itself. This was said at a press conference after the Chinese New Year Dinner Program with the Batu Pahat Chinese Chamber of Commerce, last night.

Please, no more lockdowns!

Source: Harian Metro

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