Here's Why Those who Get their Nails Done are Happier People



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Here's Why Those who Get their Nails Done are Happier People

By ellephant

Getting your nails done may seem like a waste of money to some, and maybe a waste of time to others. However, those who do, do it, can very much understand it's tempting and addicting appeal. 

Contrary to popular belief of how constantly doing your nails can spoil them, we are here to adversely tell you about how getting a mani-pedi done would probably be one of the better decisions made.  

Without further ado, here are 6 reasons how a bottle of nail polish can probably make you a much happier person today. 


1. It strengthens the cuticles, especially when cuticle oils are applied during a session.

2. It promotes good blood flow in hands and fingers (when hands are massaged). 

3. It promotes lymph circulation. 

4. It prevents the growth of fungus or infections. 

5. It removes dead skin cells.  

6. It prevents dry skin.

7. It prevents hangnails. 

8. It has anti-aging benefits and makes your hand look younger. 

9. It reduces cellulite. 

10. It strengthens and tightens skin on hands as well as fingers.

11. Keeps fingernails clean and maintained. 

Mental and Emotional  

1. It is very calming, calms you down. 

2. It helps with one's mental health. 

3. A time for meditation and just taking life in. 

4. Promotes me-time, a period to pamper and splurge on you. 

5. A good activity to unwind, or destress from difficult days. 

6. It makes you feel confident, more sure of yourself. 

7. You feel much, much prettier.  

Getting your nails done may seem like something small and probably irrelevant, however beneath the surface, they sure as hell bring so much color to life.  

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