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See Malaysians Sharing Their Unrequited Love for Ipoh in this #OLDTOWN White Coffee Contest

GMYP   |   Sep 13, 2021, 12:22   |   544

Whether you’ve been on the foodie’s trail to Ipoh, or if you’re “Memang Ipoh Mali!”, we Malaysians will always have fond memories of the former tin mining boom state. As a historical and cultural melting pot, Ipoh provides a plethora of unique experiences and delicious food. Tau Foo Fah anyone?

In light of that, there’s been a contest run by the infamous “Ipoh Mali” OLDTOWN White Coffee in conjunction with our nation’s Independence Day to commemorate the great state.

We’ve scooped up some of the best postings we found on the interwebs that made us realise (sadly, writer not from Ipoh), how much we’ve missed Ipoh, especially all the nom noms! The postings made us salivate over silky smooth taufufah, tasty dimsum and of course a delicious cup of white coffee. Some took the more nostalgic route of sharing their childhood memories of the state.




# The Contest 

Love Ipoh too? Contest? Can win stuff? Can…. Get in on the action as together with our friends at OLDTOWN White Coffee, we would like to keep the Ipoh appreciation train going and hear the voices of Malaysians share their fondest memories of Ipoh. The contest started on 30th August and will go on until 16th September 2021. You may find the contest on various Facebook pages, including GoodyMY, Goody25, Oh! Media, and BeautifulNara. To participate, just pick one of the questions and share with us your best memories in the comment section of the contest post.

There will be 13 lucky winners from the contests and 3 Grand Prize winners will receive an exquisitely handcrafted miniature done by the super talented PicoWorm, together with an OLDTOWN White Coffee gift pack and cash prizes.

Besides that, your entries may be featured (and immortalised) in a video that we are creating with OLDTOWN White Coffee. Internet superstar debut anyone?

#The Collaboration

Founded in Ipoh, OLDTOWN White Coffee quickly became one of Malaysian’s favorite choice of coffee. It brings you the finest cup of coffee while maintaining its heritage and culture from Ipoh. OLDTOWN White Coffee offers an array of flavours that preserves the same great Malaysian taste of coffee.. These include White Coffee, Kopi-O, and Milk Tea/Teh Tarik.

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https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/60264/20210910_16312450236123_mobile.jpg https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/60264/20210910_16312450232582_mobile.jpg

PicoWorm is collaborating with OLDTOWN White Coffee this month of nationalism to re-create the memories of Ipoh for you, since most would be missing the state being locked-down at home! If you didn’t know already, PicoWorm is a famous miniature artist that creates super-small miniature models. She’s so famous that she was even featured on Ryan Reynold’s - “Ryan Doesn’t Know Snap Original” - and schooled him in the art of miniatures. Hebat!
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