You’re In A Healthy Relationship But Don’t Know It? Here Are 9 Signs To Vibe Check



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You’re In A Healthy Relationship But Don’t Know It? Here Are 9 Signs To Vibe Check

By ellephant

The story of us looks a lot alike a tragedy now.

To be in love is one thing, to have a relationship thrive is a whole nother. Most relationships are formed on the basis of love, and unfortunately carry on through the throws of life, only on love.

However, in order for a relationship to truly go the distance, it cannot survive on love alone.

Here are 12 signs to check and see if you are in a healthy relationship.  

1. It feels easy

There is no need for struggle, for everything just flows with ease, even the most difficult, vulnerable parts.


2. It is extremely light and intense

As much as passion and intensity is romanticized, a relationship will not go the distance if its all fire all the time. There is a need for balance.  

3. Unstuck in fight or flight

You don't have to decide if you should flee or argue to the death. You and your partner are mature adults, able to communicate your emotions as well as thoughts to one another.

4. Feeling loved when you don't even love yourself

Were our biggest critics. The right person and relationship would be there to lift you up as well as accept all of you, especially when you're at your lowest.  

5. Loving them means loving you more 

No relationship can be truly immaculate unless you love yourself first and most. A healthy relationship means that when you love them, you are reminded of all the amazing things you yourself are.

6. Impossible becomes possible

Everything which was once only in your head, begins to come to fruition. You get to live your best life out loud.  

7. They are your pride

You don't have reservations about introducing them to your friends and family. It's safe and you know it. In fact, you take extra pride in showing them off.

8. You want to be better

The only person who can change you is you, they say. However, being in a healthy relationship means constant inspiration to want to be the best version of you.  

9. You are certain

You're sure, no matter what, no matter where, no matter who.

Of course, at the end of the day, it is easier said than done. But it is important to remember that there is no point in settling for less.

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