WATCH: Japanese Woman Cries Happy Tears While Eating Malaysian Durian After 3 Years!



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WATCH: Japanese Woman Cries Happy Tears While Eating Malaysian Durian After 3 Years!

By MJC97

If you have never cried when eating your favourite food, is it really your favourite food? 

Recently, a Japanese woman named iChang posted a video on her YouTube page documenting he reunion with her favourite fruit - durian and you've got to watch this to understand her love for the fruit.  

According to the video, around 3 years ago she visited a durian store in SS2 and fell in love with the fruit. Unfortunately after that love at first bite experience, iChang went to Hong Kong and got stuck there for years due to the pandemic. Separated from the love of the live, durians, for almost 3 years, you can imagine how happy she was to finally be reunited with it. 

She was so excited that she even wore a durian t-shirt and even brought atdurian purse!  

After choosing her favourite Kampung Durians, she sat down and took her first bite. It was so good that she even start to cry tears of happiness! That's right she cried eating durian because she missed it so much. Now that's true love if you ask me!  

Watch the video here: 

When talking about previously being picky with durians, iChnag said that she used to be picky  but now "If it's durian in Malaysia, I'll go with it." Well, I could say the same, there's nothing better than Malaysian durians. 

What food would make you cry or at least tear up when eating it? Share your thoughts in the comments section, we'd love to try the deliciousness of the food you cry about! 

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